What We Do

In today’s world, passion and a great idea aren’t the only prerequisites to fueling a successful business. Strategy, vision, and a thorough command of business fundamentals are essential components in maintaining a growing enterprise.

What We Do

We champion small business owners in hopes to expand and enhance the private sector, so that generations to come will inherit a thriving economy. By developing an empowered workforce, our goal is to see revolutionary scores of businesses take flight, widespread job creation, and a new era of prosperity.


We equip men and women for success through entrepreneurship training and leadership development. Our intensive workshops provide the framework and tools needed to convert ideas into thriving enterprises.



Global Inter-Action instructors educate aspiring business leaders from around the world on core business principles. Our comprehensive curriculum is drawn from years of real world experience, business savvy, and critical insight.


By teaching our core curriculum and engaging international financial institutions, development agencies, and microfinance foundations, we empower entrepreneurs and their communities to build a better future.