Get Involved

Get Involved

Right now, millions of people across the globe are victims of poverty and financial illiteracy. According to a report by World Bank1, Indonesia alone recorded 32 million men, women, and children living below the poverty line.

Imagine making a dent on that number—simply by utilizing your business acumen for a greater good. By imparting your wisdom and business know-how, you can make a powerful impact on future entrepreneurs and the communities they seek to transform.

Do you have business education or expertise? Are you a successful business owner and entrepreneur? Do you have a passion for traveling, networking, and teaching? If so, here are some of the primary ways you can make a difference:

- Teach in one of our workshops
- Sponsor a local entrepreneur
- Donate financial resources

If you are interested in partnering with the GIA team or receiving more information please contact us at

1 World Bank. Protecting Present And Future Generations From Poverty.

Global Inter-Action is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to serving aspiring business owners.