Core Curriculum

Global Inter-Action is a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to serving aspiring business owners.

Core Curriculum

At Global Inter-Action, all of our educators are active practitioners in the business world. We collaborate regularly to design workshops and training programs that are built upon best practices and proven business models.

In today’s world, passion and a great idea aren’t the only prerequisites to fueling a successful business. Strategy, vision, and a thorough command of business fundamentals are essential components in maintaining a growing enterprise.

At Global Inter-Action, our vision is to be a catalyst for innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship in emerging markets. By imparting key business principles to our global partners, we strive to provide economic relief and improve the quality of life in their communities.

We champion small business owners in hopes to expand and enhance the private sector, so that generations to come will inherit a thriving economy. By developing an empowered workforce, our goal is to see revolutionary scores of businesses take flight,

Most popular topics include:

Vision: How to refine and develop your vision into a clear picture

Understanding the Journey: Start-up venture, growth phase, established enterprise, and the unique dynamics and needs of each stage

The Business Blueprint: Fundamentals and framework – sales and marketing, financial statements and cash flow, effective management and efficient organization

Application for Your Business: The 300 best practices of High Performing Entrepreneurs

Global Inter-Action is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to serving aspiring business owners.